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Embrace The Junk

Can I be real with yall for a minute? Life is a funny thing. It’s always interesting to me when people assume that I arrived in my life where I am today. Truth is, I took the scenic route to happiness. I linked up with the wrong person (more than once). I didn’t appreciate my gifts and talents. I didn’t know who I was, so I definitely couldn’t take care of myself. I’ve been through some junk; some heartache; some disappointment…you name it. But whenever I think back on the junk, I am thankful for it.

God didn’t send the junk, but nothing is wasted.

Because I have experienced the bad side of things, it makes me super appreciative of the life I have now. I wouldn’t know real love if I hadn’t experienced counterfeit love before. I wouldn’t know true acceptance if I hadn’t been conditionally received before.

What’s the point? Embrace your story. ALL of it. Even the ugly parts. The ugly parts make the beautiful parts more enjoyable. Why? Because you know that once upon a time, life was different.


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