About the Podcast

Welcome to Calibama Talking with Chef Lorious. Calibama Talking is a weekly podcast hosted by Chef Lorious (everybody’s auntie) and her mom, Mama VJ (the community grandma). Born in California and raised by a close-knit family anchored in southern tradition from Alabama, this “Calibama” girl learned very early that food cooked with love has the power to inspire and heal. Food opens the door to conversation and that’s exactly what Chef Lorious and Mama VJ do best…talk about everything. No subject is off-limits, from favorite foods and table talk to the latest family antics.

The ladies also have guests and talk about the stuff that makes life interesting, like getting past hurts, making major life decisions, figuring out who you are and what you believe (not what your mama believes), and how to break up with a friend (or whatever)! And in case you’re wondering, these ladies don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. Come on into the Love Lab (Chef Lorious’s kitchen), for real talk and honest discussions about food, family, and this thing called life.

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