Red Velvet Pound Cake

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December 9, 2017

A red velvet cake with white frosting on top.

Red Velvet Pound Cake

Christmas isn't Christmas without red velvet cake!  Here's another confession... Layered red velvet cakes are sometimes a little bit a pain to put together.  The first time I tried this as a pound cake several years ago, the cake came out a little too dry for me.  So I messed around a little bit more, and then BOOM!  I figured out what to do.  The beauty of pound cakes, is there are so many variations, you can just keep messing around until it's just like you want it.  So, I came up with a way to enjoy the benefits of red velvet, without a dry cake.
Prepare yourself, this cake is so moist and delicious, you won't know what to do!


For the cake...

  • 3 cups cake flour
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • 2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa
  • 2 sticks butter, softened
  • 1 block cream cheese, softened
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 ozs red food coloring

For the glaze...

  • 1/3 cup mascarpone cheese, softened
  • 1/2 block cream cheese, softened
  • 1/3 cup powdered sugar (more/less to taste)
  • Add Milk/Cream (add 1 - 2 Tbps at a time, until desired consistency is achieved)


Prepare the cake

  • Cream softened butter and cream cheese.
  • Add sugar and cream together.
  • In a separate bowl, combine cocoa powder and food coloring. Mix by becoming like a paste.
  • Combine cocoa-coloring paste in with sugar and cream mixture. Mix well until all fully incorporated.
  • Add eggs, one at a time.
  • Add cake flour, one cup at a time.
  • When flour well combined, add vanilla. Mix all well.
  • Pour batter into sprayed/greased bundt cake pan. Do not full over 1/2 to 1/3 pan.
  • Bake at 325 for 1 hr 15 minutes. Until toothpick comes out clean.
  • Let cake cool on baking rack for approx 10 minutes, then flip the cake over.
  • Spread glaze once the cake has cooled.

Prepare the glaze...

  • Combine cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, sifted powdered sugar. Slowly stir in cream (or milk) 1 - 2 tablespoons at a time until desired consistency is achieved.
  • Stir in vanilla.
  • Pour/spread over the cake once the cake is cooled.
  • Prepare to be praised and adored by everyone who tastes your totally awesome cake!


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